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Weekend Waves (Low Tide)

 Skanking it Easy Terrorist attacks went down worldwide. I know this contradicts the fear mongers in the media, but numbers don’t lie. The numbers on attacks an fatalities were down 33.2 percent. Please don’t tell the president or he will tweet about it and take credit for it all coked up at 4 a.m. Read more about Weekend Waves (Low Tide)[…]

Time Time Time Time Time

Time: It’s Now All the Time Do we really know what year it is? Until the Roman Empire started the Julian calendar added both July and August to honor Julius and Augustus Ceasar, the calendar only had 10 months. If you ever learned to count to ten in a romance language, December’s root in the Read more about Time Time Time Time Time[…]

Wednesday Finds

Wednesday Interesting Finds – 5/1/2019

Study shows marijuana users weigh less Chuck and Nancy Applaud Donald Trump’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan – I think at this point the Democratic leaders have given in to Trump 2020, this will only spur the economy for another 2 years as big business jocking for this money. MSNBC Report on Venezuela Inadvertently Makes the Read more about Wednesday Interesting Finds – 5/1/2019[…]

Weekend Wavgelengths

Weekend Waves The United States has issued a warrant against a North Korean operative allegedly working out of Spain. The United States Administration has consistently claimed that improvements in regards to North Korean relations have been made. This evidence provided by Rueters suggests a contrary narrative. A Russian operative receives a light 18 month sentence Read more about Weekend Wavgelengths[…]