Friday Interesting Finds

Friday Interesting Finds

Interesting Finds Visualizing Where the World’s Guns Are – (this includes military) Hint U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! Keith Olbermann apologizes – We need more of this in our society, Trump included. Disney Banning Smoking in certain parks – including vaping, which makes zero health sense. ‘Minecraft’ Erases References to Creator ‘Notch’ for Thought Crime on Transfenderism Read more about Friday Interesting Finds[…]

Tuskegee Airmen – Robert T. McDaniel Funeral Today

Tuskegee Airmen – Robert T. McDaniel Funeral Today

Robert T. McDaniel was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, the elite African-American pilots who flew during World War II. He was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1943 and trained as a pilot and Bombardier at the Tuskegee Institute, going on to serve as a flight officer with the 477th bombardier group. After the Read more about Tuskegee Airmen – Robert T. McDaniel Funeral Today[…]

Wednesday: The Most Absurdly Spelled Day of the Week

Our Wednesday World by: James Belew A German scientist painted his observatory to look like R2D2 from Star Wars. Nerds are the new cool. In an unrelated and meaningless story, let me express gratitude that the band Limp Bizkut doesn’t make music anymore. Lead singer Fred Durst did sign to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Records. Read more about Wednesday: The Most Absurdly Spelled Day of the Week[…]

Tuesday Interesting Finds

Interesting Tidbits NFL Coaches Annual Group Photo – Where is Mike Tomlin? Andy Reid is an American treasure. Missile defense test launched from California succeeds in shootdown: Pentagon University of Colorado Denver Politics Course Removes White Authors from Curriculum.  Not good. Flashback: 50 Hollywood Stars Who Accused Trump of Treason, Collusion with Russia Did Google Read more about Tuesday Interesting Finds[…]

Mueller Finally Delivers: Political Ninjas Revealed

Part 1: The Hidden Players and Their Light Sentences by: James Belew After a two year investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, Mueller is finally delivering his report to the Department of Justice. The president has already made it quite clear that he wants the report released to the public in Read more about Mueller Finally Delivers: Political Ninjas Revealed[…]

We are all fine; We are all safe.

So many beautiful and inspiring things happen on a daily basis that I think it’s time we hear more about them today.!!!!ßßß∂߬∑∂˚∑π˚∂π˚´˚∂π˚∑π˚∂≤µ≈µ≤µ∂µø∑π∆ß