A Poem Surfaced from the Legend Jenson McDougal. A Gift for Your Heart

The Deaf Heart

I can’t forgive the eyes cuz they’ve seen too much, I can’t forgive the ears cuz they’ve heard too much, I can’t forgive the mouth, cuz it don’t speak enough, I can’t forgive anything, cuz it’s all meaningless to us.

Perform a little talent, bake a little bread,

pull it out your pocket and see those children fed.

Eat a little knowledge with your coffee Danish muffin,

it ain’t that hard you’re just not lookin.

Speak a little truth, when there’s no truth at all,

because excusing absenteeism is how we’re all sure to fall.

Jumbled little words on jumbled little lines

won’t make a bit of difference if they’re not read in time.

Spook a little ghost from underneath your bed,

impersonate the demons that live inside your head,

capture little droplets as they roll across your tongue,

eclipse the moon as it falls farther from the sun.

No time to dilly, when dally’s at the point,

shoot a little shot for Johnny to stay gold and miss the point.

I’m losing little focus, so I’ll sum it up with this;

if you take too much stock in yourself then you are truly blessed.

For which of them is the wiser say for the ones that truly are.

But you’ll never hear the wisdom cuz you need to hear it with your heart.

J. McDougal 2003

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