Best Coffee Maker For Your Money – Bonavita BV1901TS Coffee Maker

Along the quest for good coffee I came across the Bonavita BV1901TS – 8 Cup Coffee Maker – Not to be confused with its earlier model the BV1901PS. After watching Test Kitchens reviews, listening to Seattle Coffee Gear, and scouring the choice comes down to the Bonavita vs Technivorm.  For me, the price point was the determining factor.  Technviorms will run you at least $300 while the Bonavita is in the $100 range.

Appearance – 8/10

The Bonavita is a good looking coffee maker and doesn’t take up that much counter space.  Its stainless steel look gives an appealing visual along with our stainless steel appliances and doesn’t seem to smudge very easily.

Brewing Time & Heat Retention – 10/10

6 minutes till great coffee.  Remember, none of these high-end coffee makers have hot plates, it supposedly ruins the coffee. Instead, it comes with a 1.3L stainless steel thermal carafe.  This is slightly smaller than the BV1901PS shipped with, the smaller version helps keep the coffee hotter longer.   This keeps the coffee hot for 3+ hours.  A great feature for me is I can bring the carafe to my desk while I am on conference calls in the morning.

Coffee Taste 9/10

Great and consistent.  The brewing takes places between 195°-205°F which is optimal for coffee. The shower head design gives it a pour over like feature.

Usability – 5/10

This is where the Bonavita falls down.  You can’t keep the thermal carafe with the lid on and brewing basket together.  You have to completely remove the lid to brew coffee.  Now a big advantage the BV1901TS has over the BV1901PS is that carafe doesn’t leak when you pour without the lid (neither leaks with the lid), so you can use it to pour water into the coffee maker.

Overall – 8/10

If price is of no concern, buy the Technivorm, otherwise, the Bonavita BV1901TS is an incredible machine at an incredible price. I would recommend the BV1901TS over the BV1901PS as well.


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