Blink 182: Back at it, but who asked?

Written By: Robert Grillot

“Blink 182 reunite with original line up and release new song, titled “Edging.”

 Disclaimer: It’s not as though my opinion actually matters to anyone in the world, but here it is anyways.

 So let’s talk about this headline and the song it teases.

 So,..,… the news breaks, all the loyal fans have literally shit themselves and everyone can hardly believe it ! Tom Delonge has reunited with the original members of Blink 182 and they have even brought the faithful fans some new ear candy!!

Same spirit, Different Decade

  His focus on aliens, still a part of his repertoire, but clearly he and the rest of the band are ready and eager to re-enter the spotlight and reunite as the original lineup.

 Of course this means the stepping down of, and saying goodbye to, Matt Skiba , though I doubt Matt’s feelings are hurt ,  I bet the paycheck was good. He of course has Alkaline Trio to helm without distraction now, and his solo endeavors as well, busy guy, good for him.

But anyways, I digress , I apologize,.

 Let’s get back to the main topic of this , which of course is blink-182s reunion with Tom DeLonge, and the release of a new tune. Now of course, immediately you would think with all the hype that surrounds this band and surrounding this reunion, you would assume, as I did, and I think most would, that with all this hype circling a new song , that the we would get an in your face, steady tempo driven, hard-hitting, ripping banger, of a pop punk song. I of course read the article about the reunion, and about the new track, along with probably the rest of the punk world.

 I was excited for them, interested to hear the new song, and Immediately proceeded to insert headphones in my ears and blindly follow the link to the song.

 And of course, as we all have different tastes, and different sensibilities, I usually try to remain objective and open-minded when it comes to others expression of creativity.

 In this case, my overinflated expectation was critically deflated and my ambitious hopes for a killer new song were sadly dashed, instead I was left with a feeling that the song  could have been the work of the Dead milkmen and weird Al yankovic! Now I don’t mean to sound destructively critical, it’s just that I personally felt like a bit of a letdown, that’s all.

 My only hope now, is that this is what Brian Wilson from The Beach boys understood as the “Let down before the build up” , Here’s to hoping the rest of  Blinks new album proves to be the “Build Up”

Regardless, I wish them all the best of luck


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