Best Coffee Maker For Your Money – Bonavita BV1901TS Coffee Maker

Best Coffee Maker For Your Money – Bonavita BV1901TS Coffee Maker

Along the quest for good coffee I came across the Bonavita BV1901TS – 8 Cup Coffee Maker – Not to be confused with its earlier model the BV1901PS. After watching Test Kitchens reviews, listening to Seattle Coffee Gear, and scouring the choice comes down to the Bonavita vs Technivorm.  For me, the price point Read more about Best Coffee Maker For Your Money – Bonavita BV1901TS Coffee Maker[…]

Top 8 Spring Animes Worth Watching in 2019

Anime and Manga preview for Blue Cloud’s new site ( Our audience will be pleased as we have 1000’s or readers from the South Asian Diaspora. Our goal is to make the highest quality content for the world. Mega-fan Luna gives you the 411. Special thanks to our readers in India, Bangladesh, Japan, etc. This is for you. And all my American friends that love this too. I’m talking to you THAI EDDIE!

Monday Finds : Dairy Queen Human Burgers?

The Final Monday in the Final Month Caesar † † July and August are named for Julius and Augustus Caesar respectively There was a federal raid on Dairy Queen in South Carolina as a response to complaints alleging that HUMAN MEAT was being sold to customers. This should be no surprise in our current cultural state Read more about Monday Finds : Dairy Queen Human Burgers?[…]

“Innocent Until Proven Guilty?”

The entire point of the Bill of Rights was to make a simple list of rules that represent our values as a society. Since their writing, it appears to me that by any means necessary, those freedoms have been slowly taken away, inch by inch, by those that would want a less free society that enables them to increase their personal power, population control, and maintain that power. And they tax LeBron James at the same rate as someone making 130k. This ensures no-one joins the club.

Big City Register:

  “Big City Register” by: Bradley Rodenberg Real Estate and Life in NYC and Beyond July 2019 Today in NYC – July 27th, 1959 William Shea Brings Baseball Back to NYC With the sting of losing the Dodgers to Los Angeles and the Giants to San Francisco in the same fateful year of 1957, NY’ers had Read more about Big City Register:[…]

The RavenousJim Top 5 Music List for May

These are my favorite songs for work production in May Comment your top 5 below and tell me why you hate one of the songs, love them, and despise my list. Give us your top 5, and we will publish it.   In no particular order, Here it goes.   Terry Reid’s Seed of Memory Read more about The RavenousJim Top 5 Music List for May[…]

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