Father Time is Undefeated

The societal impact of potential mass unemployment isn’t known. Though, it may be a contributing factor to the unrest we see in America at this very moment. The more we progress into this golden age of automation, the more we contribute to a process that climaxes by deeming ourselves obsolete.

Top 8 Spring Animes Worth Watching in 2019

Anime and Manga preview for Blue Cloud’s new site mangasekai.com (mangaworld.com) Our audience will be pleased as we have 1000’s or readers from the South Asian Diaspora. Our goal is to make the highest quality content for the world. Mega-fan Luna gives you the 411. Special thanks to our readers in India, Bangladesh, Japan, etc. This is for you. And all my American friends that love this too. I’m talking to you THAI EDDIE!

Big City Register:

  “Big City Register” by: Bradley Rodenberg Real Estate and Life in NYC and Beyond July 2019 Today in NYC – July 27th, 1959 William Shea Brings Baseball Back to NYC With the sting of losing the Dodgers to Los Angeles and the Giants to San Francisco in the same fateful year of 1957, NY’ers had Read more about Big City Register:[…]

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