All the Pimp’s Men….Trump, Clinton, Royalty, and Gaggles of Oligarchs

All the Pimp’s Men Jeffery Epstein was the owner of a Caribbean Island known to locals as “Pedophile Island.” Evidently, many powerful people visited here, and even more powerful people associated with him. He flew with Bill Clinton 27 times. He was a friend of Trump as well. Lex Wexner, owner of Victoria’s Secret was Read more about All the Pimp’s Men….Trump, Clinton, Royalty, and Gaggles of Oligarchs[…]

Joker: The Scapegoat for a Flawed Culture

If anything, the new “Joker” movie attempts to explain these increasingly common events of uniquely American violence. It is a movie about unattended mental health and classism. It is a character study of how violent monsters are created.

Top 8 Spring Animes Worth Watching in 2019

Anime and Manga preview for Blue Cloud’s new site ( Our audience will be pleased as we have 1000’s or readers from the South Asian Diaspora. Our goal is to make the highest quality content for the world. Mega-fan Luna gives you the 411. Special thanks to our readers in India, Bangladesh, Japan, etc. This is for you. And all my American friends that love this too. I’m talking to you THAI EDDIE!

10 Places That Will Pay You to Live There…For Real

Number 10 Marne, Iowa There are very few people here, but if you build the house, the land comes free. You won’t be completely exiled from the world in this tiny town, as they have Wifi available. The free lot and available internet may not be enough to make up for the population of 120 Read more about 10 Places That Will Pay You to Live There…For Real[…]

The RavenousJim Top 5 Music List for May

These are my favorite songs for work production in May Comment your top 5 below and tell me why you hate one of the songs, love them, and despise my list. Give us your top 5, and we will publish it.   In no particular order, Here it goes.   Terry Reid’s Seed of Memory Read more about The RavenousJim Top 5 Music List for May[…]

Time Time Time Time Time

Time: It’s Now All the Time Do we really know what year it is? Until the Roman Empire started the Julian calendar added both July and August to honor Julius and Augustus Ceasar, the calendar only had 10 months. If you ever learned to count to ten in a romance language, December’s root in the Read more about Time Time Time Time Time[…]

Weekend Wavgelengths

Weekend Waves The United States has issued a warrant against a North Korean operative allegedly working out of Spain. The United States Administration has consistently claimed that improvements in regards to North Korean relations have been made. This evidence provided by Rueters suggests a contrary narrative. A Russian operative receives a light 18 month sentence Read more about Weekend Wavgelengths[…]

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