As Covid Rolls Down to Pre-Clivil War Levels The Cicada-Like Hominids Emerge From Larvae to Pupa Exposing the Early Stages of the Gremlin and Kill Whitey Political Parties.

Lexis-Nexus has insurance agents I think/ so…………I just spent 100,000 on ads. Here is my script in which I play a reasonable but stern businessman.
At Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, we know the dangers of improving the human race with endless peer-reviewed research. Look what happened to Aaron Schwartz. That could be you. Access to that kind of data always brings a Kazinski or Zuckerburg for every upstanding Bush

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Kobe is Immortal: Legends Never Die

Kobe is Immortal: Legends Never Die   The tragic and sudden death of Kobe Bryant is the epitome of tragedy. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Kobe, one thing is without question: Kobe is one of the greatest basketball players to ever step on a court. His dedication to his family can not be questioned. Read more about Kobe is Immortal: Legends Never Die[…]

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