Half-Life: Alyx Devs Will Answer Your Burning Questions During Reddit AMA

It’s a good time to be a Half-Life fan. All of the Half-Life games are currently free on Steam, and a brand-new entry in the series, Half-Life: Alyx, is releasing in March. There are still many unanswered questions about the VR-only PC game, and Valve plans to …

Chromebooks get 8 years of updates, and Microsoft’s Windows 10 is the big loser

Many people publicly deride Chromebooks, but that is largely because of their ignorance. For instance, some will say the computers are nothing more than a “glorified web browser.” Actually, Chromebooks run a secure Linux distribution called “Chrome OS.

All the Pimp’s Men….Trump, Clinton, Royalty, and Gaggles of Oligarchs

All the Pimp’s Men Jeffery Epstein was the owner of a Caribbean Island known to locals as “Pedophile Island.” Evidently, many powerful people visited here, and even more powerful people associated with him. He flew with Bill Clinton 27 times. He was a friend of Trump as well. Lex Wexner, owner of Victoria’s Secret was Read more about All the Pimp’s Men….Trump, Clinton, Royalty, and Gaggles of Oligarchs[…]

Joker: The Scapegoat for a Flawed Culture

If anything, the new “Joker” movie attempts to explain these increasingly common events of uniquely American violence. It is a movie about unattended mental health and classism. It is a character study of how violent monsters are created.

Top 8 Spring Animes Worth Watching in 2019

Anime and Manga preview for Blue Cloud’s new site mangasekai.com (mangaworld.com) Our audience will be pleased as we have 1000’s or readers from the South Asian Diaspora. Our goal is to make the highest quality content for the world. Mega-fan Luna gives you the 411. Special thanks to our readers in India, Bangladesh, Japan, etc. This is for you. And all my American friends that love this too. I’m talking to you THAI EDDIE!

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