Father Time is Undefeated

It’s Been A While

As lead developer and the main producer of content here at the cup, I must confess something. My colleague and I have automated this site to such an extent that I haven’t read or written a single word on this site in months. This decision to automate the content has worked out well for the most part. The robot has continued to find engaging content. Our readers that know me personally have been a bit disappointed, but as a whole, engagement and readership has continued to grow. The amount of production has increased 500%.. I can not compete with a robot.

This will be the case for many of us in the future. We are being replaced by machines more and more each day. The use of technology to cut overhead costs will only continue to progress. If it makes money, it makes sense. The societal impact of potential mass unemployment isn’t known. Though, it may be a contributing factor to the unrest we see in America at this very moment. The more we progress into this golden age of automation, the more we contribute to a process that climaxes by deeming ourselves obsolete.

We Aren’t Doomed; Don’t Believe the Hype

We aren’t replaceable in many ways. When the industrial revolution started, concerns about the potential of optimization and machinery.Economic uncertainty and widening wealth gaps contributed to some of the worst economic crisese in history, including the Great Depression. Similarly, the bottom falls out of one economic market around every ten years. The tech buuble of the early 2000′, followed by the housing crash of 2008/2009 compounded with current doomsday economic fallout due to mass unemployment due to the flu. Some county’s have staggering death rates. You are still much more likely to die driving. That being said, I am taking the time to use the robots against the Russians.


It may be in your interest to learn how to run the robots…

I decided  few years go that I would catch up on technology. I am not going to lie or sugar-coat it. It was a lot of hard work. This is mostly because the videos are not in Amercianized English. I ave to watch a video by a russian to prevent a russian hack. A lot of them are in hindi, and usually the best English you get is not American. So, I have decided to give back and am giving away some ten videos in plain English. Click below for a sample video and like and subscribe, or ate and troll. All are welcome.



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