In Response to the Wal-Mart Article

Although I agree with some of what the author states, I really don’t understand what the greeter at Walmart does. If you look at the overall functionality of an organization even Human Resources and Training has been viewed over the years as a department that does not produce revenue. Although, studies have shown for various reasons due to legal exposure and turnover you can’t discount staffing these areas to contribute to the overall success of a company. But please tell me what the greeter does for me? I get a nice smile when I walk in from yes typically someone who is older. But I also find it disturbing when I leave and have to show my receipt. Why? Based on the whole purpose why WalMart is looking at these positions and putting them into better use with more security.

There are plenty of jobs within Wal-Mart where they can make accommodations under the American Disabilities Act to allow for the older generation of workers. This may require investing in more training and time. However, the return they receive may prove to be even more valuable since this generation is proven to be more reliable and dependable.

So I say out with the greeters and train them in another area where you may see constant turnover from the millennials who don’t want to show up. Hire more older workers who have the sense of work ethics instilled in them. This is an area you can never train someone in…reliability!

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