“Innocent Until Proven Guilty?”

Under the 6th Amendment of the Constitution, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, right? Well, you will not find those words written anywhere in the constitution. Rather, it is a mantra that has been established through many court cases. The due process of the sixth amendment does not explicitly state this phrase, rather it has been a creed developed through legal precedents involving rulings of the interpretation of said amendment. Another phrase you will not find in the constitution is “burden of proof.”

Regardless, the legal phrases have been used time and time again as bastions of our democratic legal system. Well, if this is the case, how are people held on bail? Doesn’t that represent a paradox? Well, let us convolute the simple principals and values we flaunt around even more. The 14th Amendment gives states their own rights concerning legal procedures. This enables variations in what could be considered due process. Confused yet?


Making up a Language

Well, that is the entire point of law, and that is why our lives are ruled by lawyerImage result for crooked judge cartoonss and their hired henchmen/women a.k.a. the police force. The average person, and even most college graduates would have a hard time sifting through the 100’s of legal rulings and precedents that form our legal standards, and the police surely don’t know any more about these laws than any average citizen. For example, I have been charged for driving under child support suspension…but I don’t even have kids.

The entire point of the Bill of Rights was to make a simple list of rules that represent our values as a society. Since their writing, it appears to me that by any means necessary, those freedoms have been slowly taken away, inch by inch, by those that would want a less free society that enables them to increase their own personal power, population control, and maintain that power. These sayings like, “innocent until proven guilty” are myths. We are ears of corn on a farm. I have the freedom to tell you. Free or not, do any of us have the strength to exercise those freedoms to the extent that we can again feel like a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Or is it too late. It’s up to us. The freedom to be hedonistic xenophobes shows that the empire is winning. We don’t need a Luke Skywalker though, we need an order of Jedi.

4 thoughts on ““Innocent Until Proven Guilty?”

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  • This goes way back to the Roman Empire and even Islamic states, including Iran. Which is hard to believe in itself. Another discussion for another day. The proof of burden is always on the accuser and rightfully so. As you know anyone can have allegations against another person, company etc. Without having this established, can you imagine what our judicial system would look like. Again, take Iran and other countries where their is no due process in place. No doubt our judicial system needs revamped and case laws are cited everyday. Whether it’s the federal government governing them or on the state level. It can be quite confusing as you stated even for our own judges. We roll out Acts with leaving these to be interpreted by our courts and attorneys who barely passed the bar. Yet, the common citizen is held accountable for something our own government has a hard time interpreting. With that said, we still have the best court system in the world in my opinion. The US ranks within the top 99. If it wasn’t for discrimination cases we would be ranked in the top 10.

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