Introducing Palau: Our Government’s 100 Million Dollar Island

Our Government Randomly Spent 87 Million Dollars In A Country/ territory I have never heard of and YOU HAVEN’T EITHER. IT’S O.K. Welcome To PALAU:

Palau is a democratic republic with a free association with the United States. They have a President, as well as a legislative body operating on a generous operational budget provided by their Uncle Sam. According to Wikipedia, the country has a Gross Domestic Product of 300 million dollars. The United States provides 87.5 million dollars of that. Thus, our taxes pay for about a third of Palau’s expenses.

So where is Palau, and why are we giving them a free ride, when there are ravenous homeless psychopaths littering America? We can’t afford healthcare for the poor, but we can support this random place Palau that 99% of us can’t find on a map.

If You Want to Drain the Swamp, You Must Get Rid of the Reptiles

There are Billions and Billions of dollars wasted in our budget. The are thousands of bureaucratic jobs that pay millions of dollars in salaries for people to do nothing. I could write stories about this forever, and I will continue to do so. Since no one else seems to have the gumption to do the research and report on these things, I get the feeling that I am going to have to balance the budget myself. While the rest of the country is enamored and obsessed with fighting over who gets to diverge our tax funds into inefficient projects that cut large paychecks from government swamp monster to lobbyist reptilian, the public blindly eats pizza and focusses on spectacles while they are being bamboozled behind the scenes.

I encourage you to visit and witness for yourself the absolute waste of our tax dollars. Then maybe we can organize and fix these issues. It isn’t in the best interest of the government to fix their problems. They benefit too greatly from the system they created for the sole purpose of benefitting from exploiting it. It would go against their personal interests. The funny thing is, we hire these people to carry out our interests. Stay tuned for the next billion dollar waste of money. There is no shortage of examples.
Palau’s economy runs on aid. Their music isn’t going to keep its economy alive. We would love to hear your opinions on the Palauan music versus Funkadelic.

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