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Privacy Died and No One Cared

Facebook is using your private posts to train AI through private contractors. They have contracted Indian company WiPro to go through reams of data to categorize private Instagram and Facebook posts. Recent reports have also shown that Amazon’s Alexa and Ring security cameras are also using data collection methods that are questionable, watching us and listening to our phone calls.

This is not a new phenomenon. We have known this for a long time, and yet no one seems to care. The Patriot Act seems to be something that will justify a 1984esque nightmare scenario, otherwise referred to America in 2020. Civil Liberties are something that this country prides itself on. Yet, we are arguing over transgender urinals instead of the fact that the government can detain anyone without probable cause or a warrant.

We never have had any rights. We have been given a crystal clear high-definition series of demonstrations that prove any ass hole police officer can kill you and stare at the witness filming the whole thing. By the way, if I were to have witnessed that, there is no way I would have made a snuff film rather than interceding. If he has the right to murder non-violent criminals, I will assume the right to save someones life. Your directorial debut didn’t help George Floyd at all. You filmed him for over five minute, recording the murder to extent of perversion.


Meanwhile, the state and federal government are beginning to work hand in hand to make your very movement easily identifiable. Your voyeuristic cell phone movies and your secret text messages at NFL Games are the types of behaviors that have made your enslavement voluntary. So many people died to make America what is: a nation of human memory foam, a level of softness that was unthinkable just a short time ago. If we maintain this steadfast path of deconstruction, this nation will cease to function with even a minute level of effectiveness. We don’t even care. That is what truely flabbergasts me. I see happiness in slavery. I see so many content in their captivity. This country is dying from overconsumption, and the true craziness is the level of cooperation of the common man. As long as there is enough beer and football on large enough televisions, the masses are willing coerced into accepting that they pay more taxes than Lebron James, but only if they do reasonably well financially. It’s my fault and you are just as culpable. We accept that someone working 80 hours a week that grosses 150k is in the same tax bracket as Donald Trump, and in fact will pay a higher percentage than Trump, Bill Gates, and Oprah. The billionaire has somehow succeeded in making us all content in our camouflaged concentration camps. I don’t think this what Jesus or Gdownload-2eorge Washington had in mind.

The government or a street gang, or any entity that wants to exploit and control their fellow human beings all use the same playbook. Through relentless messaging, governments and gangsters make sure to inundate their victims with a sense of irrational fear while convincing those same victims that the only path to safety and survival is through their violent dominance. They both collect taxes under the guise of protection, and yet they are usually missing when there help is needed. The fact of the matter is, we govern ourselves. That’s what the cops and the gangsters can never understand. The only thing that keeps the peace prevailing is that we permit it. If the police oppression escalates one one-thousanth more than the current level, we may end a few countries instead of one, and truth be told, we already have 50 countries that are simply a national cartel. You can change wording, but someone that makes you pay for protection is committing extortion. The gestapo suit and the shiny badge don’t change the fact that your being robbed by a protection racket. If you can tell me the difference between takes and extortion, I’ll show you the difference between Mountain Dew and Mellow Yellow. The packaging and the way it’s marketed are the only notable differences. They just wear different hats and jewelry.




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