LinkedIn Asked Me To Give ∆dv|¢∑ ???

LinkedIn asked me to give career advice to a person or a robot, or potential employers were testing me in some capacity. Maybe it was real…I doubt it but Let me know

Scott Marino

I am Scott and I do market research and strategizing …… for LinkedIn and I really like Joel Osteen and Donald Rumsfeld. My job title is “Director, Marketplace Partnerships,” a position no Black Guy has ever had.

in the comments, if you think I will get a reply.


    • James Belew

      Now; who looks like they need more advice?

      Hello Scott, Linkedin sent me to give you some advice from their magic algorithm. They had a prewritten message, but I deleted it.  So does the quotation pretty much sum up what you would like advice about?
Well, you strategize for a living, and you seem to be doing “Linkedin” well. I think you should get into politics. If you have the stomach for it. I didn’t, and have transitioned into more tech-based work.  I read that you were interested in what makes others successful. Success is pretty vague. Happiness and success can be mutually exclusive. Evaluate your goals, your passions, and your values. I have nothing against money, and I have spent plenty, but it was empty really. I thought I want a beautiful and creative wife, but that didn’t do it either. Politics made me happy for a while, but the more I was into it, the more I truly saw the worst of humanity. Basically those who strive to control and devise ways to cleverly impoverish most of the other people have a mentality based in the era of slavery. He wants to own everything and everyone. Very little of this has to do with money. Being a broker is a being a monk in comparison with those guys. But it was a challenge, and that’s where my success will be cemented. It makes me happy to challenge myself in any way possible. You can have a strategy and plan, and that is well and fine, but life doesn’t care about your plan, so be flexible, fall in love, find happiness wherever that is for you. Not knowing what you want is normal. You have to get what you think you want and endure the disappointment until you understand that you will never know what you want, and that is perfectly fine. Do what you want now, and do all you can, because the candle is burning, and it will inevitably extinguish with all of us wishing we would have done more
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