Nobody Wants to Plant the Corn; Everybody Wants to Raid the Barn

Have you really put in what you have got out of life?

The answer is no. It is impossible. You were given life itself, so you started off indebted. Regardless of how you feel about your existence, it was given to you. Since you’re destined to die, you have 2 choices. You can take your gist back to the store, so to speak, by ending your own life. Because you really didn’t have a say in the decision of being here, you may feel cursed rather than gifted. What so few understand is that this is a choice.

For many years, I was tormented by the conundrum of whether life is a gift or a curse. I often saw it as a curse. The natural world, humans notwithstanding is a vicious cycle of murder, sex, reproduction, eating, defecation, competition; a seemingly ruthless labyrinth of confrontation whose winners are determined by luck.

That was a conclusion that I came to just based on my observations. I am one of those animals. When I find myself in the labyrinth, I have done things to survive that let me know that I am not far removed from this world. I’ve killed an animal eaten it. I had mixed feelings.

Death is necessary for our survival. You killed that ear of corn, and it liked music. Not eating meat does not give you a moral high-ground. Lions and sharks eat meat, and that is what makes them apex predators. Protein changed the ancestral human brain. The increase in protein in the diets of early Australopithecines, found through dental records, indicate that causation is plausible between eating meat and the development of reason. Plants respond to stimuli and likely feel pain, but a tulip can’t go blowing its brains all over the garden.

So, you’re here in this strange place. Things have to die for things to live. Not everything is in accordance with the society and ethical code our species created. I believe we did this because kidnapping and murdering every animal we could find was not enough. We learned to hunt each other. We may not be killing people in the streets, but we are looking for a way to get ahead off of our own kind. You literally can’t have a job or eat without encountering the hunt mankind employs every day. They hunt for your money the same way they used to wage war with your village.

Evolution in 3 minutes without words

Don’t fret. You have a choice. There is a way to not have any worry, anxiety, or depression in this situation. First, you must accept all of these things and realize that they can’t be good or bad because they are the only thing. This is it. This is your life. Hopefully, it is a moment where you can read this and along with me just smile because you are here. It isn’t much you can do about it. You can end it now and get it over with, or you can take the ride,

Realize you aren’t responsible for any of this and find a simple explanation. There isn’t one. The way I see it is that it’s all one thing. We are part of this thing. Our species may be special in our dominance, but our responsibility for this world is very small. We didn’t create it.

It’s my choice what I think about. Being here is a blessing. I don’t know about you, but I want to see how this thing turns out. I am all in, because if I am going to be here, why not choose to be happy. Taking advice from unhappy people may not be a wise decision. Obviously, they haven’t figured it out. This is your journey. All that you are is contained within your rented skin bag.

No one has. There are some good ideas. I am part of this thing. I came from it just like everything else. It’s a magic machine that works together to keep itself going. Being alone is an impossibility. I am everything and everything is me. It doesn’t matter whether I’m alive or dead, I’ll always be a part of it. So, what is there to worry about really? Happiness is a choice, and ignorance of this cruel world is not a prerequisite. It will be over one day, but that day is not today.

So choose gratitude over self-pity. Choose to think of your blessings and not fret that you can’t afford a hot air balloon. You are already a miracle. That should be enough, but it isn’t. If you choose to be happy, you have that debt to pay, because you were given a favor: Life. So if you plan on eating the corn, try to plant a seed. Make the most of your time here. Don’t get farmed.


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