Part 2 of the Race of the Tortoise and the slightly younger Tortoise in denial of entropy. (Jared and hunter are working on it)

And as this presidential race, which should create an entire new adjective, for it is WorkStream that any circus, more absurd that any painting dolly ever dreamed of making, and falls along the same lines of reality constrain only by the limits of a Philip K Dick Novel.

It appears that this will be another close race, but it does seem as though Biden may pull it out by the slimmest of margins. Yet, the Democrats did not make the gains in the Senate, and conversely loss of seats in the house. They still hold the majority though.

This almost works out perfectly. It is never ideal that one party controls all branches of government. This is why separations of powers was implemented to the constitution. The first idea is often not the greatest idea, and it was imperative to the founding fathers that all important decisions be debated among people with diverse ideas. This type of debate has led to the perfection, or perfection and it’s nearest human state, where certain legal actions were concerned. Four instance, the abolition of slavery. Another word that comes to mind as women’s suffrage, which played a huge part Biden possibly becoming president.

As a white man, my life may be better off with Trump as president, but I, as well as other Americans I spoke to, we’re just sick of the constant conflict. This presidency has caused an incredible amount of anxiety and pitted American versus American. Now, after the rebellion Due to a possible Trump loss, things will be back to normal.

And by normal I mean they complete and say normal see that America hold sacred, which at the eyes of the Developed world

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