President of the United States in 2020 – Odds – #2

Ongoing series – Top 5 Chances of Becoming the President of the US in 2020 – actual betting odds can be found here:

States That Matter

You need to be able to win a combination of Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennesse, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Minnesota or Georgia.

Green New Deal

If you come out in support of the green new deal you have no chance of winning.  See states above and common sense.

Pretenders List

  • Cory Booker – Spartacus has no shot. Green New Deal killed his candidacy. 0% chance. Cory has been eliminated.  Can’t raise money.
  • Elizabeth Warren – If Trump can talk you into getting a DNA test, you have no shot.  Who from her campaign thought this was a good idea?  And you think you can deal with Putin?  0% chance.   Add to her tax return where she is a banking a cool $1M a year. Elizabeth has also been eliminated. Memo to all politicians, most people don’t begrudge rich people, but a lot of people begrudge rich people condemning rich people.
  • John Kerry – No indications he’s planning on running.  I’m moving him to the pretender’s list. 1% chance.
  • Bernie Sanders – Seriously, you couldn’t beat Hillary.  Socialism will never win in this country, Democrats need to recognize this before they nominate this guy and get thumped in the general election.  Add to the list Bernie is a millionaire preaching that it’s wrong to be a millionaire.  How is that going to work?  4% shot.
  • Mark Cuban – I like Cubes but he is too wishy-washy and hesitant to make a stand on issues.  Plus, his sexual harassment issues with the Dallas Mavericks probably killed his chances. 5% chance.

#5 – Kamala Harris – 11%

I might have underestimated her, she can raise money, the woke culture would support her.  Her stance on late-term abortion will be a deal breaker in the states that matter.  She also came out in support of the Green New Deal, that was dumb.

#4 – Joe Biden – 12%

Well, we called it – Joe has a creepy touchy past. In the general election, I don’t think its that big of a deal but his own woke party might be a different story.  Bad few weeks for Creepy Uncle Joe.

#3 – Beto O’Rourke – 13%

This is too high for Beto, but not a lot of choices here so he comes in at #3. He’s said some super liberal, triggered things lately that will come back to haunt him in a general election, like comparing Trump to Nazis or saying Farmers should give their fair share of crops for climate change. Another couple weeks like this and he’s getting moved off the list.

#2 – Dark Horse – right now – Pete Buttigieg – 25%

Pete Buttigieg literally doesn’t a Giphy.  How the hell could he win?  Besides being a gay white guy from the midwest who served his country, he has a common sense approach to Chick-fil-A, doesn’t like their politics but loves their chicken.  This is what we have come to in this country. He might have peaked too early.

#1 – Donald J Trump – 75%

I think there is some chance Trump could pull a Magic Johnson and just quit, if the economy is still killing it and his approval ratings are high. Trump knows when to get out, that’s why he is always winning.  Right now that’s all I see that could defeat him.  The Russia thing blew up on the main street media – Sad!

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