Father Time is Undefeated

The societal impact of potential mass unemployment isn’t known. Though, it may be a contributing factor to the unrest we see in America at this very moment. The more we progress into this golden age of automation, the more we contribute to a process that climaxes by deeming ourselves obsolete.

Friday Finds

Interesting Stuff The United States Skateboarding Olympic Team announced. Adidas has developed a shoe that can be recycled into a shoe again. This may be bad news for the slave labor they hire to create them. They do look pretty good though. Robert Mueller couldn’t say that Donald Trump didn’t obstruct the investigation into a Read more about Friday Finds[…]

Weekend Waves

Why are the most impoverished Americans suffering from the highest rates of obesity? The dangerous consequences of legal recreational marijuana after 5 years in Colorado? High School Graduation Rates have increased among other positive notes. Guatemalans flood the border, afraid that the freedom store is going to close. Het the deets and follow our tweets.

The Winner of MΩST Tawdry Twitter Tw∆T in 2019?

Why is twitter so damn cool? I could give you the academic synopsis, but I will keep it brief. We have a president that is utilizing a revolutionary tool to communicate with the world in the same way FDR used the radio in his fireside chats. There is no theoretical difference. Our culture has changed Read more about The Winner of MΩST Tawdry Twitter Tw∆T in 2019?[…]

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