Thursday Finds

News Tumblr loses 1/5 of its users after banning pornographic content. 30 % of all internet data is pornography. Senate GOP members introduce a bill to limit Presidential emergency powers, in defiance of Trump’s border wall. One member is quoted, the President needs to stop “acting like a King.” The Senate also passed landmark resolution Read more about Thursday Finds[…]

The Internet, America’s “Echo Chamber”

The Internet is the New Wild West; An Untamed Habitat of Communication   Oh, what a glorious place the internet has become. It was the intention and belief, albeit retrospectively naive, that this powerful technology would unite us for the better good. In some ways, it has united us, but not for the betterment; not Read more about The Internet, America’s “Echo Chamber”[…]

Wednesday Double Issue

News and Politics The Twitter police defend their content control policies against Internet badass Tim Poole. Good luck Jack Dorsey. Tell us what you think. We can all breath a sigh of relief as Hillary announces she will not run for president in 2020.  Neither will Micheal Bloomberg, but Bernie is running dead or alive. Read more about Wednesday Double Issue[…]

The Winner of MΩST Tawdry Twitter Tw∆T in 2019?

Why is twitter so damn cool? I could give you the academic synopsis, but I will keep it brief. We have a president that is utilizing a revolutionary tool to communicate with the world in the same way FDR used the radio in his fireside chats. There is no theoretical difference. Our culture has changed Read more about The Winner of MΩST Tawdry Twitter Tw∆T in 2019?[…]

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