The Mueller Era Comes to an End

Mueller Madness

Later today, the Mueller report will finally be released today. I personally reported an article concerning this  ( ) almost a month ago. I doubt that the report will include significant newly discovered information. After a nearly two-year-long investigation, millions of tax dollars spent, and a media frenzy, there has not been a lot of new information or revelatory discovery. If anything, the Mueller fiasco has exonerated a lot of key public figures, including the President.

Hardcore Democrats will no doubt question the validity of the report and look to redactions as part of some kind of conspiratorial cover-up. This is where Trump’s opposition makes constant mistakes: Trump remains the center of attention. Hopefully, the release of this report will bring an end to this. There hasn’t been one single day that passes where Donald Trump is not in the headlines. The Democrats aren’t presenting solutions to problems. They are just piling on the bandwagon of Trump hatred, and expect to ride that train to some kind of change or victory.

This is the same sad path that put Donald in office in the first place. The only way to get at someone that thrives on attention is to stop paying attention to that person. After a while, whether I agree with you or not, I’m going to get sick of your persistent whining and bellyaching. Stop complaining and pointing fingers and get to work on solving problems. The President is likely not responsible for your personal problems. In fact, the President is not the most powerful force in your life. YOU ARE. Change starts within. Your failures have nothing to do with Barack Obama, Donald Trump, or anyone really. The only person that you control is yourself. I don’t even control that person well.

Where Do We Go From Here

If the Democrats wish to even have a chance at beating Trump, they must stop beating up on him. People identify with candidates that will improve their lives. Trump promised to make the lives of middle-class Americans better. This being said, winning an election based on sheer opposition will not be a winning strategy. The problem with this is, at least I have found, that it is hard to keep the attention of the public by talking about any issues in depth.

People want perfect and simple solutions. If your plan involves more than one sentence, the general public likely won’t stay tuned to even read or listen to your plan. Considering the changes and cuts to our education system over the last 20 years, this should come as no surprise. We have complicated problems. If this is true, then why would we expect simple answers? I believe this is where the term “simpleton” derives.

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