The Mueller Report: Part 2 of 4 “The Prosecution of Roger Stone”

Agent Provocateur


Roger Stone is a notorious rakehell and an easy target for his penchant for fashion. He has a penchant for dressing like a cyberpunk vaudeville character that is hunger games-esque. When speaking of his Richard Nixon tattoo with Axios, he mentioned of his tattoo of Nixon on his back, “I have a dick in the front and back,” right before stating his re-affirmation of his Christian faith and a born-again experience. Watch the entire thing on HBO.

After whining about the length of Stone’s sentence recommendation, the prez got is homeboy Barr at the Justice Department to shorten the recommendation. This caused all of the prosecutors to quit. We discussed this last year when the Mueller Report came out, and the big question is when he will get his pardon.

Watch the Netflix documentary on this guy. He represents the heart of the problem. The cases are being wrapped up slowly, and in part three, we will explore the other light sentences received by the other players. In the meantime, you may want to re-read or read Part-1.


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