The RavenousJim Top 5 Music List for May

These are my favorite songs for work production in May

Comment your top 5 below and tell me why you hate one of the songs, love them, and despise my list. Give us your top 5, and we will publish it.


In no particular order, Here it goes.


Terry Reid’s Seed of Memory is from A singer that turned down the opportunity to sing for Led Zeppelin and recommending Robert Plant. I originally heard his music on “the Devil’s Rejects” soundtrack.

Listen to Terry’s song below

I just heard this song for the first time the other day. There is so much music; I can’t be everywhere, but I’ll get there. This is a decade old, but I am impressed. This song can get you going in the morning.

I thought I would choose some music with visually stimulating video. There is no need to waste a resource. In the case of this Tool song that rails against our unjust legal system. The video only serves to help this theme come to life. The long-awaited new album is in the works. NSFW

Also, check out Joe Rogan’s interview with Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan. He’s an interesting and inspiring individual.



Everything Mogwai:

You can pretty put an entire Mogwai album and listen to the entire thing and type. The lack of lyrics in combination with the long and dynamic songs make for an excellent long-term work project, or any endeavor really.

Sometimes lyrics can interrupt your thought process. I believe Mogwai enhances it. I like hiking or doing anything outside while listening to it as well.

Section 80 is possibly the best rap album in history. Lyrically, no one can touch King K. I understand that his newer stuff gets the critical acclaim, but this and MAAD City represent the peak of his career.


After section 80, the money men and Dr. Dre took Kendrick to this elevated level of stardom, and his albums have become more artsy-fartsy.  He’s still the man, but he was the man before you ever knew his name. I put on the entire album, and usually finish my work before it’s over. Here’s a bonus Kendrick song. This one is NSFW:



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