Thursday Interesting News Finds – 4/18/19

Interesting Finds

Tiger still draws – Highest Master Ratings in 34 Years.

Burning Man festival in doubt because of … of course the federal government. – Big Brother always knows best.

TurboTax is crushing H&R Block in tax prep. Having used TurboTax for the last 15 years, their software hasn’t gotten that much better and in some ways, its become worse.  Still beats going to H&R Block.

How Free Beer powered Atlassian – This is a painful one for me as I worked for a rival of Atlassian during the early 2000s.  While their product was not better, their marketing was and as it turns out, perception is reality.

Nashville is Hot – Having spent about 6 weeks there last year, I’ve seen this coming.  They have a little bit of something for everyone.  Drinking, Music, Old South, Antiques, and now Tech. The real question is can their infrastructure keep up with this growth because their traffic is becoming terrible.

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