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Time: It’s Now All the Time

    • Do we really know what year it is? Until the Roman Empire started the Julian calendar added both July and August to honor Julius and Augustus Ceasar, the calendar only had 10 months. If you ever learned to count to ten in a romance language, December’s root in the number 10, or deca, should now be all too clear. Of course, the Modern Era should have rectified this right?
    • Well, not exactly. Whether a year is 10 or 12 months doesn’t really signify a year. A year is a trip around the sun. Or when the earth was thought to be the center of the universe, was a year considered a rotation of the sun around the earth? Furthermore, leap years and the Gregorian calendar make things even more whacky. Here is Neil Degrasse Tyson to explain:

  • At the end of the day, time is flawed. This appears to be evidence that it could be a manmade construct. The idea of time being one of the multiple dimensions in string theory is plausible, but it reaches to coincide with much of the mathematics. There isn’t enough evidence not to consider the possibility. Time only exists because we perceive it, but it is not constant. It’s experience can be subjective. The same measured time can be experienced differently by two people. At key moments, time tends to slow down. When doing repetitive tasks, time seems to pass more quickly.
  • Do animals experience time? According to “https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/small-animals-live-in-a-slow-motion-world/” These findings show that differences in how a mouse and an elephant sense time are not arbitrary but rather are finely tuned by interactions with their surroundings. A link between time perception, body structure and physiology suggests that different nervous systems have developed to balance pressures from the natural environment with energy conservation. Rapid perception might be essential for a hawk but would waste a whale’s precious energy. As for Fido, a year really does seem longer to him than it does to you, but probably not by a factor of seven. Dogs can take in visual information at least 25 percent faster than humans—just enough to make a television show look like a series of flickering images.

Time Travel

  • Well, we saw the picture of the black hole. That is one theory on time travel. Another involves moving the speed of light, which a body can’t take. Well, here is my hypothesis: A memory is a brainwave traveling at the speed of light and is the only viable form of time travel, which manifests itself in memory. Quantum physics may be able to put you in 2 places simultaneously, but we aren’t too close to figuring out how that works. Until then….

Movie Reviews

I want to see this. I give it 3 stars. Just on the preview. Deal with it.

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