Who Will Be the President of the United States in 2020 – #1

This will be an ongoing series, ranking the top 5.  You can find actual odds at:


Pretenders List

You need to be able to win a combination of Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennesse, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina or Georgia – these people can’t do it.

  • Cory Booker – Spartacus has no shot. Green New Deal killed his candidacy. 1% chance.
  • Kamala Harris – See above.  Also slept with Willie Brown. 1% chance.
  • Bernie Sanders – Seriously, you couldn’t beat Hillary.  Socialism will never win in this country, Democrats need to recognize this before they nominate this guy and get thumped in the general election. 5% shot.
  • Elizabeth Warren – If Trump can talk you into getting a DNA test, you have no shot.  Who from her campaign thought this was a good idea?  And you think you can deal with Putin?  0% chance.
  • Mark Cuban – I like Cubes but he is too wishy-washy and hesitant to make a stand on issues.  Plus, his sexual harassment issues with the Dallas Mavericks probably killed his chances. 10% chance.

#5 – Beto O’Rourke – 11%

I suspect he is someone on this lists VP choice when its all send and done. He couldn’t beat Ted Cruz so he has that loser stigma attached but it was in Texas and he gave Cruz a run for his money. His big issue is immigration and his hard stance. That won’t help in the states that matter.  BTW, he can’t flip Texas.

#4 – John Kerry – 12%

Still, a very low chance. Lost to George Bush for god’s sake but the pickings are slim these days. He could win Pennsylvania and Florida. Boston accent doesn’t play well in the rest.

#3 – Dark Horse – 25%

Someone, anyone, please God help us. You have to be pro-guns, limit immigration, pro-economy, pro entitlements safe nets.  It shouldn’t be this hard.

#2 – Joe Biden 33%

Uncle Joe is a good debater, his stance on issues are pretty soft so he welcomes more people. His issue might be his hands and nose – this stuff does not play well.

#1 – Donald J Trump – 95%

A combination of political correctness, Green New Deal idiots, and these terrible candidates, only the economy tanking to 2008 levels can prevent Trump from winning at this point.




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